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About the Department

            The department was established in 2000 as a pre-clinical subject in UG course.  It mainly teaches the students the structural organization of human body, embryology, histology and clinical anatomy. This basic understanding of human structure helps the students in understanding structural basis of disease.

Salient Features

  • Six cadavers including 4 dissected.
  • One mummified body.
  • Department having a total plinth area of 436.03 square meter. (MSR requirement 130 square meter)
  • Well ventilated & spacious dissection hall.
  • Museum with systematically arranged specimens including dried parts, models, laminated photos, flex charts, articulated & non articulated bones.
  • Histology lab with microscopes, slides & laminated posters.
  • Demonstration room with X- ray viewer boxes, CD player & CDs.
  • Infrastructures for ICT based class room.
  • Department library with latest texts and reference books.

Services Offered

  • Participating in Medical Exhibitions.
  • Guidance and supervisions to interns for assignments & STSH Projects sponsored by AYUSH.

    Anatomy Department