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Vision & Mission


It is to provide value based, research oriented medical education in Homoeopathy aimed at moulding Homoeopaths capable of proficient and competent in patient care dedicated to the needy and the poor, and to propagate Homoeopathy, a safe, simple, scientific, economic and effective medicine for all.


  1. To establish an Institute of Excellence in education and research in Homoeopathy.
  2. To set up a full fledged tertiary care hospital in Homoeopathy doing service to the needy and the down trodden section of the society.
  3. To conduct community oriented health activities purported to propagate the salient features of Homoeopathy and to render its benefits to the people at large.
  4. To mould skilled Personnel required in patient care, education and research in Homoeopathy
  5. To set up a publication division for printing text books, publishing Journals/Periodicals and IEC materials.

Quality Policy

  1. Development or adoption of quality parameters in all their academic endeavours.
  2. Learner centric conducive environment for qualitative education in teaching, learning and evaluation.
  3. Organization of Seminars/Symposia/Workshops/Conferences on quality parameters with special reference to education, research and practice of Homoeopathy.
  4. A practice of well documentation of academic activities for quality improvements.
  5. Providing Value added courses to the students in addition to the traditional courses for skill and competency development.
  6. Developing quality culture in the campus.
  7. Providing quality support services to the students.
  8. Adoption of feasible technology for teaching and learning, administration, evaluation and in other key areas.
  9. Adoption of ICT based technology for teaching, learning and research.

Homoeopathic is a specialised method of drug therapy of curing natural diseases by administration of drugs which have been experimentally proved to possess the power of producing similar artificial symptoms on healthy human beings. .