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Tamil Language Skill Development

Tamil Language Skill Development


The students of Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College are mainly from Kerala and Tamilnadu. People in the neighbourhood use colloquial language that is a combination of Tamil and Malayalam. This makes other state students difficult to communicate with the patients or understanding their suffering and thus case taking turned to be a tedious work for them. Knowing these difficulties, Student Support and Progression, thought of uplifting their confidence in this regard and develop their Tamil communication skills for better understanding and dealing with patients, by conducting yearly workshops to the 1st year BHMS Students who are in need of learning and developing Tamil language.


The purpose of this activity is;

  • To make students learn Tamil
  • To improve their skills in reading and writing Tamil
  • To enhance their communication with Tamil patients(since most of the natives speaks Tamil)
  • To increase their confidence and bring out effective case taking with local patients.

Modus Operandi

Every batch is given yearly workshops during the initial period of their Ist year BHMS classes. These workshops constitute 7 days programme with 2 hours class each day under the guidance of Dr.M.Murugan, Professor, Dept of Organon of Medicine and Dr.Ezhilarasi, Associate Professor, Dept of Community Medicine for those students who are in need of improving Tamil or for those who do not know Tamil at all. Classes are usually conducted in the evening from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm.


The lack of interest, lack of regular practicing and workout of the words and attitude issues of the learners paved the way to main hurdles of this initiation.


-Learners are able to understand the language of native speakers.

-Learners have better communication with patients of neighbourhood Community.

-Students undertake Case taking effectively.