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Wall Magazine


Topic                                                   : Wall Magazine

Name of the department                   : Case taking and repertory

Name of the coordinator                  : Dr. V. Sathish kumar

Date and time of publication            : Every month – first week

                                                              Rubrics- Once in 3 days

Published in                                       : Notice board  - Department of Repertory

Target groups                                    : Students & Faculties of SKHMC.

Number of participant                       : Variable

Co-ordinators                                     : Dr.Fathima Mujahitha, Dr.Beulah Merlin, Dr.S.Salma Tasneem.(P.G – Scholars)


Wall magazine is displayed to learn & to share knowledge.  The wall magazine includes

  • Repertorial news- Recent advancements in repertory, repertory related news
  • Homoeopathic news-  Latest news and advancements in homoeopathy
  • Special days- Important days , Events will be quoted
  • Rubric study- Quoting of a rubric with its meaning in order to acquaint a rubric
  • Entertainers- Crosswords, puzzles, jumble words, identifying a book or author will be hooked up for which a gift will be handover later from the department.

These all to enlighten knowledge and not a competitive one. This step was taken to make all the students and scholars to have joint attitude between each other and to create curiosity in reportorial subject. Puzzles regarding rubrics give students enthusiasm to know and  answer them. Further more in future this lively magazine will be developed to be a successful one.

      The subject in the wall magazine is changed once in a month. Rubric with its meaning is changed once in a week. Winners among the participant have been rewarded with prizes.

Rubric Class

Topic                                                   : Rubric class

Name of the department                   : Case taking and repertory

Name of the coordinator                  : Dr. V. Sathish kumar

Date and time of the programme    : Every Working days(3.30 p.m-4.30 pm)

Vene                                                   : Discussion hall -Department of repertory

Target groups                                   : UG scholars, PG scholars.

Number of participant                      : Variable


All the PG scholars were gathered in the discussion hall of Repertory department from 3.30 p.m to 4.30 pm.  The purpose of rubric class is to improve the knowledge of rubrics with their meanings and cross references. These classes are held on every working days .Rubrics especially mind rubrics are discussed with some examples.

Along with this they also learn about the representation of same rubrics in various repertories.


Evening Class


Topic                                                  : Evening class

Name of the department                  : Case taking and repertory

Name of the coordinators                : Dr. V. Sathish kumar, Dr. Chandrahasan C M

Date and time of the programme    : Every Working Friday & Saturday(3.30 p.m-4.30 pm)

Venue                                                 : Final year class room

Target groups                                    : Final years

Number of participant                       : 96 students


On every working Friday and Saturdays there is a evening class regarding case discussion. In this class the final year students are asked to take case and work out the whole case up to the selection of similimum, the selection of similimum made by correlating the reportorial result with the materia medica reference, under the supervision and guidance of PG – Scholars and department faculty.

From these classes Students came to know about the importance of analysis, evaluation and totality of symptom. They also came to know about the right selection of rubric with its meaning and application. They also get a thorough idea about the selection of the repertory.


Zomoeo Software Programme

Topic                                                  : Zomoeo software programme

Name of the department                  : Case taking and repertory

Name of the resource person          : Mr.ANIL KABADIA

Date and time of the programme    : 25/6/2016

Venue                                                 : Conference Hall

Target groups                                    : PG Scholars,Faculties

Number of participant                       : 96 students, 8 faculties


  • Installation Of Homoeopathic Software Zomoeo Ultimate ( Lan Version)

           One of the latest computer software in recent days is HOMPATH- ZOMOEO. Since it was found to be useful & handy our department suggested to install Land version in the computers allotted for our department. Further the proposal was preceded to the management and later installation was done by mind technologies – HOMPATH on 19/2/2017.

  • Installation Of Hompath Firefly Mobile App To Faculty Members

             As the trend of Android application is growing faster our department gave an opinion to the management of using a mobile app for simple & quick repertorisation. On this basis free mobile app HOMPATH FIREFLY was installed on 20/2/2017 to all the faculty members who are using android mobile phones.

Recent days homoeopathic researches are massively increasing constantly. But most of us are not much aware of it. So an general introduction about basic researches in our field, previous type of studies undergone, future take up research ideas, certain lacking in our field, reportorial enhancing of researches were all discussed in detail with prominent explanations.

All department computers are installed with the software and the, department take voluntary  initiative for the installation of software in  personal computer of newly admitting PG-Scholars.


College Calender


Topic                                      : College calendar

Name of the department      : Case taking and repertory

Name of the coordinator      : Dr. V. Sathish Kumar

Issue                                       : Every Year usually in January

Issued to                                : Sarada Krishna Homoeopathy Medical College & Hospital


                        The Repertory Department had taken an initiative to develop college calendar for a year. In this calendar all the yearly activities of the college with common festival leaves are included. This calendar is supplied to all the departments in the college and all the units and main areas in the hospital. Repertory Department is continuing this work every year.