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Human Value Development Program

Human Value Development Program


Philosophers who have studied moral development have stated that individuals before adulthood, base their behaviors on the norms and values of those around them, and later on in life, they move to a more principled stage, where they identify and attempt to live by personal moral values. But medical students who should be in this transition stage, show little change in their moral development. This could be possibly related to the academic pressures the students face as they struggle to accommodate personal values related to empathy, care, and compassion to their clinical training.

The moral development of medical students should be given primary importance, yet data available states that the transition from student to doctor is difficult for many. Evidence suggests that their moral development may be stunted or even experience a downslide.


  • This education in human values programme seeks to help teachers, parents and children to re-focus on the basic positive values that that underlie all aspects of a moral society.
  • Programme seeks to improve the teaching-learning environment that will foster character building through the incorporation of basic universal values, thus, contributing towards academic excellence.
  • The stress of an ever-increasing workload, and a working environment dominated by social problems will continue to make a teacher's profession more difficult and less satisfying.
  • The many behavioral problems in society are vividly mirrored in schools, through bullying, drug abuse, theft and vandalism and scores of criminal acts.
  • With so many external influences, demands and constraints, it can be easy to lose hold of the values that make up a civilized society.


  • Through Orientation/ Induction program for preclinical students and PG students.
  • Communication skills training through Taking history in bed side discussions.
  • Doctor Patient relationship through clinical posting at mental Asylums, Rehabilitation centers and Home visits.


The Human Value development programs are coordinated by student’s progression and support committee, shall function under the guidance, control and supervision of the head of the institution. Function of the Human Value development program is to provide the essential guidelines for and develops commitment for a human society.


Dr. T Ajayan

Student Support and Progression Committee