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                                                   About The Department



General introduction


Organon of Medicine is a prime important subject in homeopathy course. Under graduates, post graduates and Research. Organon is originally a derivation of concept of homeopathy by the discoverer and further augmented in different editions by the author. Following which the follower of Homeopathy enhanced the concept discovered by the discoverer and applied it up-to-date.

The subject is concerned with understanding the concept of diseases, medicine and its application judiciously and rationally. Observation after the administration and the need to remove the obstacles with auxiliary needs of the patients in Health care. Moreover the subject is concerned with the concept of cure, palliation, prevention and rehabilitation of the suffering humanity.            

Salient features

A historical background of the disease, psychological understanding of man, concept of development of medicine, understanding the disease, understanding the phenomenon of medicine, selection of medicine based on the presentation of the case, selection of potency, understanding the effect of remedy.   

Services provided

            Teaching, Learning, Health care, Patient care, Research, Social care and value education.


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