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              About The Department


Department of Repertory is taking efforts for moulding a Homoeopath to enabling him for prompt selection of the indicated remedy. Repertorisation is not the end but the means to a sound knowledge of Homoeopathic   Philosophy. The repertory is an index and catalogue of the symptoms of the Material Medica, neatly arranged in a practical or clinical form, with the relative gradation of drugs, which facilitates quick selection of indicated remedy and it may be difficult to practice Homoeopathy without the aid of repertories. The goal of the UG homoeopathic education program for repertory students is to make them know the art and science of case taking, Symptomatology and repertorisation in different cases through the views of different authors.

                      There are classes for 3rd and 4th BHMS for the student to attain knowledge in repertory. Repertory department has facility for conducting BHMS , MD and Ph.D.programmes. In III BHMS, the student should know the introduction ,classification of repertories, study of basic repertories, gradation of repertories, methods and techniques of Repertorisation, how to convert symptom into rubrics, case taking according to the given schedule. In IV BHMS, the student should know the comparative study of basic repertories and synoptic key, card repertories, concordance repertories, clinical repertories, regional repertories, computer repertories and modern repertories.

                       According to our syllabus, practical case records are started from the  II year onwards.The III year and IV year students must submit the case records. For III BHMS there is no university examination and for IV BHMS theory 1paper for 100 marks and practical examination for 100 marks. We are taking orientation classes in the beginning of classes for II BHMS , III BHMS and IV BHMS, and the student acquiring more practical knowledge through classes from 3.30pm to 4.30pm on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.


Salient Features

                        Repertory department is provided with  177sqm plinth area and there are separate cabins for each faculty members. The  department also have Discussion and Demonstration hall, Research section, Research discussion room, Research guidance cell and Departmental PG &UG library with 339 books. Department has provided 5 softwares  RADAR(10)lan version, HOMPATH  ZOMOEO , ISIS VISION WITH COMPLETE CLASSIC , MERCURIUS  HOMOEOPATHIC REPERTORY SOFTWARE - BASIC+MM1, COMPLETE DYNAMIC REPERTORISATION.10 computers with Broad Band internet connectivity of  256KBS and lan connection are provided. 25 Charts are available. Other collections are Kishore Card Repertory  Achyunthans card repertory Bogers concordance card repertory,  Dr.sivasankara menon, Dr.K.Chidanandans card repertory, Richard M Field -“the Symptom index “-model,  Boger card index repertory-Model, colored card repertory-Marcos Jimenex-Model,  Dr.Sankarans card repertory-Model. Repertory department has no. of photos of Dr.Samuel Hahnemann, Dr. Boenninghausen, Dr.James Tyler Kent, Dr.C.M.Boger are also placed in the department.    Training for students is given through modules of structured case taking process    ( OSCE method)in the skill lab. Practical training of the repertory software for  PG, UG and faculty are given.

Services Provided

             LAN version services are provided to the entire department. Homoeopath Fire Fly is also provided to all faculties.   

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